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Payment Method for in-Game Platform.

EXISTv2 will connect gamers /enthusiasts to a whole new meaning of spending and trading with ease, EXISTv2 will allow you to make in-game payments simply and swiftly between each other allowing for less waiting time on payments clearing and more time for gaming.

Payments For Shopping Cards Such As Paypal/Amazon/Walmart Etc

In the near future there will be a website setup where you will be able to buy cards/codes such a *Paypal/Amazon/Visa*. The prices of these cards will vary and change to match the exchange price of EXISTv2

Use to increase your assets.

You can multiply your assets through POS mining at an annual rate of 100%. Install your wallet,

 store your EXISTv2 and grow your assets steadily.



Cheap Transaction Fee

Fast Transaction Speed

You can pay anywhere in the World




- Chief Operating Officer


- Developer of Mobile Wallet of EXISTv2

- Manager of Exchagne Listing


- Developer of INFO & K2X

- Developer of Coin and Chain


- Developer of BlockExplorer

- Developer of SUBX

Join EXISTv2 Team

The EXISTv2 Development Team is comprised of some of the most experienced developers who have been involved with cryptocurrency and related services for many years. While it sounds weird to use psuedonyms as your faithful team, most of us are not anonymous at all and are very easy to identify. We are here to service the EXISTv2 community and our goals are exactly the same: provide the best product and the best user experience possible to each and every single user.

Coin Allocation

* You can find out about our supply in the Block Explorer,

  and the PoS Rewards are given just by keeping EXISTv2 in your wallet.


Name : Existential

Ticker : EVISTv2

Max Supply : 20,000,000,000

Premine : 2.8%

Algo : Bitcoin, Scrypt PoS

PoS : 100%

Block Time : 120 Seconds

EXISTv2 Will Be Used As Payment For In-Games Items And Payments For Shopping Cards Such As Paypal/Amazon/Walmart Etc Which will Be Available 

On The EXISTv2 Site Once Constructed 



Staking Pool

You Can Find Us

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